EMWD suspends late fees

The Eastern Municipal Water District has temporarily suspended late fees. Eastern’s board voted 5-0, Dec. 2, to suspend late fees. The suspension can be considered retroactive to May 1, and any late fees paid between May 1 and Dec. 2 will be credited to a customer’s bill. “We have a number of customers out there who are incurring a significant balance,” Dan Howell, EMWD senior director of administrative services, said. In 2019, the delinquency rate, which is defined as bills at least 1 days past due, was 3.5%. The delinquency rate was 14.3% in October 2020 and 18.3% as of the end of November 2020. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order of April 2 prohibited delinquent utility accounts from being shut off, but that does not eliminate the obligation to pay for services and Ea
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