Racing pigeon to fly home to Michigan

This racing pigeon ends up in Aguanga after flying all the way from Michigan. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
A well-traveled bird has landed at a local aviary, amazing both local pigeon expert Kirsten Klohe and its teenage owner in Michigan. Klohe was given care of the bird while it’s in Aguanga due to her knowledge of homing pigeons, as she owns the resident flock that can often be seen orbiting Bergman’s Museum just off Highway 371 in Aguanga. Upon close inspection, she discovered two bands on the fowl’s legs. “I immediately knew it was a racing pigeon because of the bands on her ankles,” Klohe said. “One band is the timer and the other is the registration band.” She said she immediately contacted the American Racing Pigeon Union and gave them the band numbers. They directed her to the band maker – Jedds – which was also printed on the band. “I called Jedds, and
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