The best gifts to re-gift

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
Zachary Elliot Special to Valley News Have you ever received a gift you were sure was a re-gift? I know I have. Or better yet, have you ever been guilty of the infamous re-gift? I’m guessing, yes. I think we all have. I recently was told a story about a guy who received a gift card to a store from a supposedly good friend. He was excited about the gift card and couldn’t wait to spend it. That excitement continued until it came time to check out and was informed the card had less than a dollar on it. Can’t buy much with that. What a friend. As Christmas Day drew nearer and nearer, gifts were on everyone’s mind. And to a certain extent, they should be. Gifts are a central part of the Christmas celebration. When you open your gifts this Christmas, there will be some you
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