Fermilab and partners achieve sustained, high-fidelity quantum teleportation

In a demonstration of high-fidelity quantum teleportation at the Fermilab Quantum Network, fiber-optic cables connect off-the-shelf devices, as well as state-of-the-art research and development devices. Valley News/Fermilab photo
BATAVIA, Ill. – A viable quantum internet – a network in which information stored in qubits is shared over long distances through entanglement – would transform the fields of data storage, precision sensing and computing, ushering in a new era of communication. In December, scientists at Fermilab, a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science national laboratory, and their partners took a significant step in the direction of realizing a quantum internet. In a paper published in PRX Quantum, the team presents for the first time a demonstration of a sustained, long-distance – 44 kilometers of fiber – teleportation of qubits of photons, which are quanta of light, with fidelity greater than 90%. The qubits were teleported over a fiber-optic network using state-of-the-art singl
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