Anza residents make fresh cheese and yogurt

Homemade goat milk yogurt with blueberry preserves are a staple breakfast and snack enjoyed by Anza resident Denise Squires. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
The approaching spring heralds new life – swelling buds, dainty wildflowers, butterflies and baby animals. The farm is also teeming with fresh life, especially lambs and kids. It is milk season in the Anza Valley. Many local farmers and ranchers keep goats for milk. They are less expensive to feed and keep than dairy cows and produce milk in quantities that do not overwhelm the typical family. Some breeds of dairy goats can produce a gallon of milk a day or more. The animals are large and intelligent and can have from one to four kids every spring. Other breeds produce good, quality, nutritious milk as well, such as Nigerian Dwarfs, a diminutive breed that is becoming a popular dairy choice and famous for their excellent milk. [caption id="attachment_40003" align="aligncenter
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