Conflict journalist reports Capitol storming led by Antifa agent provocateurs

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder
It was reported by The Washington Post that the “first wave of protesters arrived at the Capitol about 12:40 p.m.” They would have had to start their trek to the Capitol before Trump even started his speech. It is unlikely that Trump supporters would miss his speech since it was the reason everyone came to Washington to see and hear the president. The president concluded at 1:11 p.m. Then his people started the 45-minute walk with crowd-related delays. It put the first people from Trump’s speech at Capitol Hill no earlier than 1:56 p.m. – a full hour and 16 minutes after people who broke into the Capitol arrived.The Washington Post also said: “Sund’s outer perimeter on the Capitol’s west side was breached within 15 minutes,” meaning the Capitol was breached over an hour
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