Are you not entertained?

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“Are you not entertained?” said Russell Crowe more than 20 years ago as Maximus Decimus Meridius in “Gladiator.” His statement was one of sarcasm and disgust for the bloodthirsty crowds that cheered him as he dispatched his opponent in the ring.  He tossed his sword down in disgust and walked out of the arena.  I don’t know why this scene sprang to mind, when watching gangs of traitorous domestic terrorists charge up on our nation’s capital on Wednesday, Jan. 6.  I was initially disgusted, and then slowly, but surely, I began to realize that the past four years in this country needed to be shown the violent, deplorable results of a political leader’s dismantling of our national morality.  And we all saw it coming. As I watched the former President, his fami
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