Beware of bad animal rescues

Rescued puppies are seeking loving homes. Pet adopters should watch out for bad rescue organizations, when selecting a new pet. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
The term “rescue” is a buzzword that instills thoughts of relief, shelter, love and care. Animal rescues save poor, innocent and defenseless pets, right?Not always.There is also a sinister side to this self-proclaimed calling by some individuals.When considering adopting or sometimes, more correctly – buying – an animal from a rescue, the public should be aware of the many red flags that illegitimate organizations hoist up their proverbial flagpoles. These groups do not have the best interests of the animals in mind and instead may exploit your pocketbook for their gain.Bad rescues are often unwilling to collaborate with others in the same business and pump out aggressive and ill-informed rumors about other organizations. What is in the best interest of the pet is i
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