Veterans exposed to toxins have another battle after war

Exposure to toxic chemicals during wartime causes temporary and permanent health conditions for many veterans. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Shelby RamseySpecial to the Village NewsDr. Nancy Klimas, who is the director of clinical immunology research at Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center, works routinely with veterans who have been exposed to toxins which have caused permanent damage to their health. Her research shed light on the variety of toxic exposures that have occurred over the decades of military involvement.One case that garnered media attention involved the use of Agent Orange, the chemical used during the Korean and Vietnam wars to clear pathways through heavy foliage for U.S. troops.With U.S. government use of the toxic chemical spanning 20 years, from 1955 to 1975, veterans from that service “have had terrible health consequences,” Klimas said.“Agent Orange and other herbicides (were us
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