Sit back and relax with a luxury picnic in Temecula Valley

Each picnic comes with a complementary charcuterie board and beverage, with add-ons available. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Phillip White, 21, started his new business, which delivers a personalized luxury picnic including environment and food, during the coronavirus pandemic. “My parents are both entrepreneurs, so that kind of is what sparked the whole thought process, just figuring out some kind of business I could do for myself,” White said. “Watching them do their thing, it kind of just made me realize I want to be self-employed as well, so I was trying to think of something that would be beneficial to the community but still would be something easy I could do on my own.” White came across the original picnic idea through Tik Tok. “I had looked around for all the material and just got a good understanding of what I wanted to do as far as the picnics go, just the different themes and the l
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