Take care with wild animal babies

Baby hummingbirds stay alone in the tiny nest while their mother forages for food. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
The first impulse Anza Valley residents often have when they discover wild baby animals on their property is to try to rescue them. But before intervening, they should determine if the animals need help. It’s natural for wildlife babies to be on their own for much of the day as their mothers venture out to feed.Finding bunnies in a nest without an adult present is normal, since the mother only returns at dawn and dusk to nurse them. Rabbits usually feed their young twice a day. They are colored to blend in with the grasses and plants where the nest is constructed. The little ones instinctively remain still and quiet, as not to attract predators. If residents find a rabbit nest, they can keep pets and people away, and the mother will be back shortly. If the den has been disturbed, she
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