Unexpected thunderstorms surprise Anza residents

Janene Edmisten captures an image of the thunderstorm descending upon the Anza Valley, Sunday, March 21. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
A spectacular thunderstorm erupted across the Anza Valley recently, the result of a clash between warm and cold air masses in the mountain area. Lightning, snow, hail, downpours of rain and rumbles of thunder thrilled residents Sunday, March 21. Many took to Facebook to document the dark and ominous storm, and their images of the weather activity filled the local social media feeds. Some areas of the Valley received good amounts of rain, and others experienced high winds, hail, snow and even sleet. Huge peals of thunder rocked the mountain communities as the pitch-black clouds rolled through. Thunderstorms can bring danger, such as flash flooding and lightning strikes. There were no reports of storm-related damage i
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