EDD: The crisis continues

Marie Waldron
Marie Waldron. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Assemblymember Marie Waldron Special to Valley News The Employment Development Department has been mired in crisis for more than a year now. The massive backlog in unemployment claim processing hasn’t really budged, millions of daily calls go unanswered, fraud is rampant – estimated at $11 to $31 billion, and appeals can take over three months; the failure list is long. There’s plenty of blame to go around too. Former Gov. Jerry Brown ignored a 2011 audit that pointed out EDD’s shortcomings, and new directives from the governor have proven to be inadequate and ineffective. So, what can be done to fix this mess? I recently met with newly appointed EDD director, Rita Saenz, to discuss these issues. Naturally, she is attempting to make needed changes, something that’s al
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