Corporate actions, political disinformation is hypocritical and destructive

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder
I was surprised when President Joe Biden made the claim that Georgia’s election integrity laws “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” What? Is election integrity racist?Then 100 woke CEOs met on a Zoom call to organize and fight election integrity while the MLB hurt mostly minority-owned small businesses in Atlanta by moving the All Star game to mostly White Denver. The irony, hypocrisy and idiocy just scream out in how to be an anti-racist.The CEO’s message is clear to other governors: “If you pursue election integrity, we will boycott your state.” Do they know that at least 35 other states already have voting ID requirements? Maybe not for long though, because their state laws will be nullified if the Senate approves House Resolution 1, which passed the House on a part
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