Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery Hosts Art Talk with Conchi Sanford

The Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery presents online art talks featuring MSJC associate faculty members, including Conchi Sanford, April 8. The event is supported by the MSJC Foundation. Valley News/Mt. San Jacinto College photo
SAN JACINTO – The Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery presented an online Art Talk featuring MSJC associate art faculty member Conchi Sanford Thursday, April 8. The event was supported by the MSJC Foundation.Conchi Sanford, aka Mizz Conchi, completed her bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2000 at California State University Long Beach. There, she transitioned from painting to sculpture. With a love for metal, she specialized in blacksmithing. Conchi now works in plastics, using her knowledge from blacksmithing to form and manipulate Plexiglas, resin and plastic.As a child, growing up on a military base and later California, she was constantly marked by her nonwhite identity, not belonging to anybody, not belonging to the U.S. or Latinx communities. This awareness became internal
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