KC Buys Houses serves Southern California residents

Keaton Martinez, back left, of KC Buys Houses runs the family business, buying homes and businesses to remodel, sell and or rent. Valley News/Courtesy photo

KC Buys Houses has been buying homes and businesses for more than 25 years. They invest in homes and businesses other investors may overlook, either because of the condition of the properties or because the owner desires to sell immediately. KC Buys Houses said it is passionate about making the process fast and easy as possible for homeowners.

Casey Martinez began his passion for investing 25 years ago, buying his first home in San Bernardino while a full-time high school teacher. He decided to make a business out of it, and now KC Buys Houses is a family business run by his older sons. They are dedicated to helping homeowners for their convenience or to help them get out of difficult situations by purchasing their property quickly, he said.

KC Buys Houses purchases properties and businesses “as-is” making KC Buys Houses the first call for those who choose to sell fast. It helps homeowners sell their homes quickly and move forward without complications, real estate agents or disclosures. The simple process allows the homeowners to be comfortable and sell their real estate at their own pace. Some sales can even close on the same day, the process is fast and easy for the homeowner.

Keaton Martinez, son of Casey Martinez, said that after being raised in the real estate business, he enjoys revitalizing homes and businesses.

“Most investors and certainly typical buyers don’t like to take chances on homes that need a lot of work,” Keaton Martinez said. “It’s tough for many people to see the hidden beauty under the rubble of an old home or depleted business.”

They specialize in homes that may be too risky because of the amount of work they need to be renovated, he said. Ultimately, they either renovate the home to sell again or keep it to use as a rental. No house is too much work to make beautiful again, he said.

KC Buys Houses also buys businesses, which not only saves the business but allows it to continue and possibly expand with new capital and market connections.

“We are not afraid to take risks on homes or struggling businesses if we, as a family, think that we can save it.” he said. “Often, saving a business means saving a piece of the community that customers hope can remain active. Being able to reignite or keep the ball rolling on a business is very satisfying.”

KC Buys Houses has been helping homeowners and businesses get out of unforeseen situations by buying their asset quickly for over 25 years, and they will continue to be here for the community and the real estate needs of Southern California.

For more information about KC Buys Houses, visit https://www.kcbuyshouses.com/.