Bald eagle takes flight

A bald eagle accidentally drops his fish over Lake Wohlford, near Valley Center. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Our country calls it the national bird. Its image appears on currency, coins and stamps. This regal bird is noted for strength, bravery and cunning. Admired for these qualities, the Cahuilla call the bald eagle Aswet. The Escondido Creek Conservancy says that bald eagles have soared in the skies near Lake Wohlford, with sightings reported beginning in about 2019. These images of a bald eagle cavorting above the lake were captured April 25. More than 200 years ago, the bald eagle population in the United States was estimated to be between 300,000 to 500,000 individual birds. But due to habitat loss, hunting and food contamination from the pesticide DDT, numbers dwindled to about 500 nesting pairs in the 1970s. With help from the Endangered Species Act and the banning of certain pestic
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