Students at Discovery Isle Preschool in Temecula create Earth Day Buzz with ladybug hunt

A teacher and student plant and water one of the school’s new gardens. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Temecula – Students at Discovery Isle Preschool in Temecula have been buzzing with excitement for Earth Day. On April 22, students celebrated Earth Day and taking care of the planet by hunting for ladybugs throughout their schoolyard and studying the different insects they found. Students also planted flowers around their campus to provide homes for ladybugs and planted ladybug rocks to decorate their gardens.Leading up to Earth Day, students learned about the life phases of ladybugs and that they serve as a natural pesticide by feeding on insects that could otherwise harm the health of gardens, trees and shrubs. Discovery Isle Preschool teaches the importance of community and exploring nature at an early age.
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