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Dear Editor,
Most of the Temecula City Council except for Jessica Alexander still thinks we need a REDI (Race Equity Diversity Inclusion) commission, even though every speaker, black and white, at a city council meeting last night (July 13), said it was not needed. Not one speaker from the public spoke in favor of the REDI commission.

This acronym (REDI) means that Temecula has perceived systemic racism, inequity, similarities, or omissions that need to be pointed out by the commission and when any perceived racism, inequity, similarity or omission is found, the commission will report that to the Council. The antonym (opposite) of diversity is: homogeneity, homogeneousness, likeness, sameness, similarity, e.g.

The council then may spend funds to right this perceived issue and during these very insane times that could be anything.

Matt Rahn said that the REDI commission is something that was being developed for years and this was the time to implement it even though anti-police insurgents came to our city to destroy it if we didn’t do what they wanted, which seemed to be this commission.
Matt Rahn also had to say that Agenda 21 doesn’t exist even though the world’s climate change, expansive affordable housing, wildlife corridors that take away people’s property rights, and immigration (or lack thereof) policies are a direct result of Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30.

Bob Kowell
Murrieta, Calif.