Migraine effect on cardiovascular health controversial

Dr. Steven Nissen. Valley News/my.clevelandclinic.org photo
Shelby RamseySpecial to the Village NewsIn researching the effect migraine and other chronic health conditions (non-heart related) may have on one’s cardiovascular health, top-rated U.S. cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen offered his opinion.Nissen was very forthcoming and said that the topic is a controversial area. He explained that there have been some observational studies done that included two patient groups (migraine with aura and migraine without aura). The term aura is used for the visual disturbances some experience with migraine headache.The results were that “specifically migraine [patients] with aura are more likely to develop coronary heart disease,” Nissen said. It is important to note that an observational study is solely considered an association, not def
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