Mountain lions alive and well in the Anza Valley

This lion is seen feeding on a fresh deer kill at night. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Mountain lion sightings have always been the rage on social media whenever they occur.Mostly misidentified bobcats and other animals or spoors later identified as large dog tracks, many of the interactions are not actually big cats. However, mountain lions are here in the Anza Valley and have been positively identified traveling, hunting and lurking in the canyons, chaparral and hills of the area.The cougar, puma or mountain lion -- Puma concolor -- is native to California. More than half the state is mountain lion habitat.These large predators are cunning and skilled hunters, elusive and rarely seen in the wild. The cats’ main prey are moose, elk, deer and caribou in North America. They also feed on smaller wildl
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