Providing help for someone with suicidal thoughts

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
TEMECULA – When celebrity chef and travel television personality Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in 2018 at age 61, the world was taken aback because it seemed like Bourdain was on top of the world. Many well-known people have committed suicide, including Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, Margot Kidder and Kate Spade. In 2021, “Dawson’s Creek” writer Heidi Ferrer committed suicide after a yearlong battle with COVID-19.Those close to people who have taken their own lives often wonder what they could have done to help. Although suicidal thoughts are not exclusive to the rich and famous, the tales of celebrities who take their own lives serve as sobering reminders that even those with fame, money and success may still fall into depths of depression that can lead to suicidal though
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