Scarecrow Days returns to Fallbrook Oct. 1-31

FALLBROOK – Skipping down the yellow brick road, the ScareCREW is preparing for 10th year celebration of Scarecrow Days. Three new themes, Wizard of Oz, Ring Round The Rosy, and Rapunzel were created and will be displayed along with the popular favorites, businesses and residential scarecrows.Perched on a rooftop, Wizard of Oz characters have strength, courage and heart greeting cars.  Rapunzel’s long yellow hair will drape over the edge of a building and Ring Around the Rosy to be determined.The field of gaunt Silent People with flowing garments make the journey to Fallbrook for the third year.  This display is an adaptation from Suomussalmi, Finland.  Over a 1,000 Silent People created by Reuijo are on permanent display.Kids Corner, in celebrating 10th Scarecrow Day
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