How to get God’s favor

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
Zachary ElliottSpecial to Valley NewsWe spend much of our lives trying to get people to like us. The desire to be loved and accepted is in our God-given design. We want to be appreciated.It’s why we hated being picked last at school. It’s the reason we search for more “friends” on our favorite social media platforms and have developed a social phenomenon called F.O.M.O. (The fear of missing out on what other people are doing.)As a result, we go to enormous efforts to win the favor and acceptance of the people around us. The problem is that we can take that same mentality into our relationships with God. We spend our lives trying to get God to like us so he’ll show us his favor.Here’s the good news. God likes you, and he wants to show you his favor. Although
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