Movie review: ‘Malignant’

Bob Garver This was not a good weekend for new releases. Studios weren’t eager to release many movies in the shadow of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” And considering that movie’s $35 million second-weekend haul, I can’t say I blame them. The best-performing new release didn’t even come in second to “Shang-Chi,” it came in third behind the fifth weekend of “Free Guy.” I saw the horror movie “Malignant” on Friday night, a prime moviegoing time, and there couldn’t have been more than 10 people in the theater. But I guarantee that every one of those less-than-10 voices was screaming and laughing and screaming with laughter at the last act of this movie. Madison (Annabelle Wallis) is pregnant for the fourth time in two years, having suffered three m
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