San Jacinto Council seat now vacated and open for an appointment

San Jacinto City Councilmember Joel Lopez, who remains in custody for several felony charges is no longer a member of that city’s council. Valley News/Courtesy photo
San Jacinto City Councilmember Joel Lopez, because of his lack of attendance to San Jacinto City Council meetings for the past 60 days, is no longer a member of the city council and his seat is now open the San Jacinto’s city attorney said.The announcement was made at the beginning of the Sept. 21 regular city council meeting to the remaining four council members and the public on a Facebook recorded meeting.Lopez, elected to his office in the last city council election, was recently arrested and jailed on several alleged felony charges. Lopez was unable to make bail after it was set at $5 million due to the judge ruling he was a possible flight risk. Since being held in custody, Lopez has been unable to attend the regular council meetings since July 20. By law, an elected seat b
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