Horseback riders enjoy Graffiti Coffee break

Equestrians Ondrell Estes, left, Michelle Robinson and Robin Santillan trot up to the order window at Graffiti Coffee Shop Saturday, Oct. 9. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Baristas at Graffiti Coffee Shop gladly welcomed a trio of four-hoofed patrons Saturday, Oct. 9, as furry and curious faces trotted up to the drive-thru window.During the festivities and fanfare of the October Arts and Crafts Fair at the popular coffee destination, renowned local equestrians Michelle Robinson, Ondrell Estes and Robin Santillan stopped by the event astride their faithful mounts Sultan, Goldie and Dakota.“OK, what do we want to drink?” Santillan asked. Decisions were made and the group entered the order line.The horses were spoiled with special horse treats and responded eagerly to the possibility of more inside the establishment. Smiles and laughter abounded as Dakota tasted the tip jar.
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