Parents are responsible for their children’s actions, health, education and welfare, not the state

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder
In the last few weeks we have heard reports of some damaged bathrooms at a high school apparently in relation to a September TikTok challenge to do vandalism or damage to school property. In October, the TikTok challenge is allegedly to slap a teacher or smack a staff member. Unbelievable.I know children aren’t perfect, but I have to wonder if their parents are involved in their lives at all? What kind of a family do they belong to?Luckily the superintendent of this school is offering a reward and working to find the students, promising to prosecute the students and the parents will be liable too - of course, because parents are ultimately responsible for their children.I hope the students are found. I hope, for their sake, they face consequences. I hope their parents take re
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