COVID-19, prevention is the cure

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder
I lost a cousin last week to COVID-19. If you are losing a loved one to COVID, you shouldn’t have to fight the hospital as well. His children weren’t allowed to see him until the end, and just for five minutes. They were also asking the hospital to treat him with Ivermectin, but the hospital refused. From what I’ve learned, early intervention with Ivermectin is the most useful, but honestly, if someone is dying, what’s the risk? They’re dying! It reminds me of an employee I had 20 years ago that was dying of cancer and we were asking the doctors to give her more morphine for pain and they refused. I asked, “What are you afraid of? She’s going to get hooked? She’s dying!” I read one law firm has 60 cases right now, representing families with loved ones in the hospita
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