RivCo residents see increase in food benefits

Students at University of California, Riverside, hand out bags of groceries to fellow students in need at the campus’ food pantry. Some UCR students receive food assistance through the federal SNAP program, or CalFresh in California.
CalFresh customers to receive one of the largest increases in history of federal program RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif.—A quarter million people in Riverside County saw a healthy increase in their grocery budget last week when an expansion of their federal food benefits began. The Friday, Oct. 1, increase marks one of the largest-ever in the federal program known as SNAP, or CalFresh in California. Anti-poverty advocates say the extra help will be felt by millions of Americans, including Riverside County households that are struggling to make ends meet in the face of rising prices. The average monthly CalFresh benefit per customer will increase by about $36, which equates to more than $140 for a family of four. Officials say the increase will make a positive difference at the grocery s
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