Time to fall back, again

Marie Waldron
Marie Waldron. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Assemblymember Marie Waldron Special to Valley News The annual ritual of “falling back” will be upon us again Nov. 7, despite 60% voter approval for Proposition 7 in 2018 that was aimed at eliminating the bi-annual time change. So what’s going on and why are we still doing this? Daylight saving time was first imposed as a temporary energy saving measure during World War I and was reinstated during World War II. After World War II ended, states were allowed to decide the issue, and in 1949, voters approved Proposition 12, permanently establishing daylight saving time during spring and summer in our state. Measures approved by the voters can only be changed by the voters, and under terms of Proposition 7, California voters asked the Legislature to introduce a bill changing
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