Citing national security risks, Carr calls for starting process of adding DJI – a Chinese drone company – to FCC’s Covered List

WASHINGTON – At an event focused on strengthening America’s national security, Brendan Carr, commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, called Tuesday, Oct. 19, for commencing the process of adding DJI, a Shenzhen-based drone company that accounts for more than 50% of the U.S. drone market, to the FCC’s Covered List. Adding DJI to the Covered List would prohibit federal USF dollars from being used to purchase its equipment. The FCC also has a proceeding under way examining whether to continue approving equipment from entities on the Covered List for use in the U.S., regardless of whether federal dollars are involved. Huawei and four others are already on the Covered List based on a determination that they pose an unacceptable security risk. “DJI drones and the sur
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