Visitors with two or four legs welcome at rescue ranch

Right Layne Foundation owner Candace Abreu shows Emily Sammons how to hold a baby pig. Valley News/Rick Monroe photo
Rick MonroeSpecial to the Valley NewsPeople are beginning to find out about the Right Layne Foundation, a rescue ranch on 5.5 acres near the fire station on Olive Hill Road in Bonsall.Candace Abreu pleads for people not to just drop off animals in front of their gate, however, as several chickens were left that way and one died, with others nearly perishing from the heat.“Call first,” she said. “We’re able to welcome most animals, but if you call first, we’ll give you the gate code and have a new home ready.”Abrea has lived on the property for two years, after previously living for 13 years in Vista. Just recently, her vision for the property became a place to rescue, adopt, foster and rehabilitate animals.The foundation is named after Abrea’s grandson
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