Stray dogs wreak havoc in Anza

Packs of stray dogs, like those shown here, can threaten livestock and even people. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Dogs are known as man’s best friend and one of the world’s most popular pets, companions and helpers. But due to their predatory nature, canines can become aggressive, especially if they feel threatened or think their territory is being jeopardized. However, when dogs get loose, this aggression may even escalate. Reports of free-ranging dog packs in the Anza Valley are becoming more frequent on social media. “Just had two of my goats killed and two more injured. Three German Shepherd-type dogs dug under my fence on upper Hill Street. Watch your critters folks,” Kim Vonk wrote on a local Facebook group Friday, Dec. 10. Loose dogs can get into major trouble, damaging another person’s property, killing or maiming farm animals and starting fights with other dogs. In 2018,
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