Murrieta City Council fights back against state’s goals of packing and stacking

Michelle GerstCities across the State of California are joining forces to fight to reclaim local control over land use and zoning. City council members in Murrieta passed a resolution at the Dec. 7 public meeting to support the “Brand-Huang-Mendoza Tripartisan Land Use Initiative.” The resolution is to amend Article XI of the Constitution of The State of California to make zoning and land use a local community affair, not of state interest.Murrieta’s Assistant to the City Manager, Louie Lacasella, presented the resolution on behalf of Council Members Lisa DeForest and Lori Stone. The resolution states that cities are best able to assess and respond to the unique needs of their respective communities. Murrieta objects to the proliferation of state legislation like SB 9 and SB
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