Enact long-term solutions to protect joint health

The Arthritis Foundation recommends individuals take various steps to protect their joints over the long haul. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – Periodic aches and pains can affect anyone. Individuals who are physically active and those who live largely sedentary lifestyles may experience pain from time to time. In fact, many professional and amateur athletes experience minor, short-term injuries at one point or another, and rest is often the best remedy to overcome such obstacles.Though minor tweaks may be somewhat normal, long-term issues like persistent joint pain should not be written off as par for the course. It can be tempting to write joint pain off as a concern only serious athletes need to worry about. Terms like “tennis elbow” and “runner’s knee” can give less physically active individuals a false impression of joint pain and what causes it. But the Mayo Clinic said that lack of exercise can co
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