Coyote mating season increases threats to pets and livestock

Coyotes can become more aggressive during their breeding season. Anza Valley Outlook/Joshua Wilking photo on Unsplash
The wily and intelligent coyote is perpetually on the hunt, and pet owners should be aware that increased interaction with coyotes may occur in the coming weeks, official say.While coyote predation is part of living in the country, sometimes attacks on pets and livestock can escalate, especially during the wild canines’ mating season.Coyote breeding season begins in December and typically runs through February. During this time, coyotes may go after smaller dogs that they perceive as potential competitors or possibly as threats to their own offspring. Additionally, increased activity and the need to feed pups also result in heightened hunting and the targeting of pets and livestock as easy prey.Coyotes can and do live in any habitat, including suburbs and cities. These predat
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