Fluffy dog enjoys fresh snow

Boo Bear the Pomeranian frolics in the snow Wednesday, Feb. 23. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
A fluffy Pomeranian dog named Boo Bear frolicked in the new snow after the storm that deposited the glistening whiteness in the Anza Valley Wednesday, Feb. 23. His antics were captured by owner Amy Procop.“Boo Bear is a standard Pomeranian,” she said. “He was my dad’s and I inherited him. He’s seven years old.”Procop’s father died in 2017 and she gladly brought the little dog home.“My dad loved the breed. He adopted Boo Bear because he was rejected because he has a flaw in his eye, a white spot in the black part of the retina.”That defect does not interfere with his fun-loving spirit.“He’s very independent and is the boss of my German Shepherds,” Procop said.The new snow provided
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