Are the Russian people the new ‘Karens?’

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I’ve known and know a number of girls and women named Karen. I cannot think of anything bad about any one of them. One Karen I dated in high school. Others I’ve met and/or worked with while becoming friends and colleagues with. All of them are very nice with nothing derogatory that I can think of nor remember.Yet “Karen” has become a pejorative in our current hyper “woke” culture. “Karen” has become a caricature of that certain middle-aged white woman calling 911 on children skateboarding in the cul-de-sac, dog-walkers in urban parks and that bossy woman demanding to see the manager because the lid on her Diet Coke was not completely fastened on top of the cup.I have thought that this pejorative “Karen” label is a real disservice to all of those nice Karens I
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