What God does with brokenness

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
I took my wife to the Cheesecake Factory for a nice romantic dinner. Well, at least I thought it was romantic. But, as usual, we had to wait a few minutes to be seated. As we sat down, the table next to us was getting up to leave.As the family slid out of the long booth, the last teenage boy to leave clipped a drink with his arm. It flew off the table, hit the ground and shattered into a hundred pieces. The breaking of the glass was so thorough they had to divert traffic through the restaurant.As I looked at the glass, I thought, there is no way they are putting that back together. They didn’t even try. It wasn’t worth it. The staff immediately grabbed a broom, swept up the glass and threw it in the trash. Now it’s gone forever, never to be used again.For some, your life
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