A note to our readers

FILE PHOTO: Valley News reports breaking news including fires. This photo is showing Firefighters s they battle a mobile home fire in the 10300 block of Comstock Road in Temescal Valley. Valley News/Mark Danielian photo

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times, politically, economically, medically and culturally, while censorship continues to be a very real and growing concern through social media, search engines and increasingly from our government.

The Valley News is asking our readers to take a step to connect with us directly and support us. Democracy does truly die in darkness and we cannot continue to do the amazing job we do covering 11 cities, 129 schools and their students/athletes, two county governments, hundreds of nonprofits and breaking news without the direct support from our readers and community.

Our journalists spend 400 to 500 hours per week acting as government watchdogs and also telling the beautiful stories of our residents. Then we document our local history, good and bad, online and in indelible print. This valuable service to the community is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. Freedom of speech is under attack and we have continued to be a beacon of truth, despite whether the information was politically correct or not. Our readers have had the privilege of reading more than government-issued “truth” so they could decide issues for themselves.

We are passionate about our jobs and need to hire more people. While we work quietly in the background we understand the gravity of our role in society. Our challenge is we can’t do this alone. We need thousands of local citizens, nonprofits, businesses, and churches to sign up today to support us with an annual subscription/membership, a monthly subscription for $4.99 or a donation.

Partnering with us gives you early and exclusive access to vetted, trustworthy news and information that we are producing and disseminating 24/7 in addition to thousands of archived stories and photos.

Our readers are more informed and are influencers. Knowledge is truly power. Having an informed citizenry is paramount to staying free. We are the main hub of communication in our communities, operating with journalistic integrity and award-winning stories.

We presently have hundreds of thousands of readers but many have yet to subscribe. We are mounting a campaign to grow our paid subscribers by 10,000 in a readership area of 750,000 people. We believe it’s a reasonable and attainable goal. Please support our local staff for the price of a monthly cup of coffee by going to myvalleynews.com/subscription, or by calling us at 760-723-7319 for advertising information.

As we continue to stand with you for an informed community, thank you for your support.

Julie Reeder


Julie Reeder can be reached by email at Jreeder@reedermedia.com.