Californians suffer while $97.5B budget surplus sits in the bank

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Valley News - Opinion
Gov. Gavin Newsom released a $300 billion revision to California’s budget Friday, May 13, showing a $97.5 billion surplus in funds. That surplus begs the question, if the state has nearly $100 billion just sitting in the bank, why are Californians still paying some of the highest taxes in the nation?Even with that $97.5 billion, California lawmakers have considered more than $190 billion in new taxes and fees, according to 67th District Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto. I must ask, where is the sense in that?Continuing to tax Californians at unsustainable rates, many who are already struggling thanks to the high cost of housing and gas and prices for everything from food to goods and services increasing by 7.9% since this time last year, is not just irresponsible, it’s criminal.
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