Why moving to senior living earlier is better

Being in senior living means that it’s easier to do what you love – and it’s easier to find people who love the same things too. Valley News/Metro Creative photo
Alissa Sauer Leisure CareMoving to a senior living community before you need care or assistance may seem unnecessary. But, the truth is that moving to a senior living community earlier may be better in the long run, especially for active adults. Learn why many older adults are choosing to move to senior living when they want to – and not when they need to.Here are five benefits to moving to senior living earlier.Live more, clean less.Have you ever wondered how much time you spend cleaning your home? If you are in the home you have lived in for decades, which many older adults are, there’s no doubt you are spending a lot of time managing your stuff. Moving to senior living means that someone is cleaning your home and providing home maintenance. You will have no yard mai
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