United States of America earns back a piece of its soul following Roe v. Wade decision

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Valley News - Opinion
In now post Roe v. Wade America, it should be imperative that an innocent unborn baby have just a fraction of the due process rights that a heinous serial killer or terrorist routinely gets while waiting on death row for 20 years, or 30 years, or longer.Is it so out of the question to have even a splinter of the due process guaranteed to even a condemned vicious murderer, during an unborn baby’s first nine months inside of their mother’s womb? Some reasonable due process and legal considerations should not be that great or impossible of a guarantee.Civil rights movements have always been about expanding the circle of those who are worthy of dignity and due process, from minorities, to women and now to the unborn.In the meantime, it’s heartening to see that the United St
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