Place shoes in a shower cap: How to pack for traveling this summer

Before packing, arrange your items of clothing into outfits rather than individual items. Valley News/Metro Creative Connection photo
TEMECULA – Over-packers and novice travelers are offered tips on how to pack perfectly for their summer holiday.The holiday car rental experts at have rounded up their top tips for those looking to save space and ensure they pack all of the essentials.Among the top hacks are packing necklaces in straws to avoid them becoming tangled and placing dirty shoes in a shower cap.Overpackers should aim to wear some of their more bulky items, like boots or jackets, on the plane to relieve the stress of fitting everything into a suitcase.“Packing the perfect amount of items to fit in your suitcase before a holiday is a real art,” a representative from said. “Often, holiday-makers over pack and chuck in a number of outfits fo
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