Tarantulas on the move in the Anza Valley

A male tarantula marches along a sandy culvert in search of a mate. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
For the past several weeks, residents of the Anza Valley have been reporting large black and somewhat creepy creatures steadily walking about, oblivious to most distractions. Southern California’s native tarantulas are on the move.May through October is the ideal time of year to view the tarantula migration. Venture out on a day that is warm, and preferably not too windy, and you may see the large male spiders marching about seemingly aimlessly. The eight-legged Romeos are wandering in search of their Juliets for the purpose of procreation.“Usually it’s a male tarantula,” Joelle Budz said on social media. “You can tell by the little hooks on his front legs. Also, the males are a little ganglier than the females. Anza old-timers’ wisdom says it will rain in three days wh
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