RivCo reports 124 monkeypox cases

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
Riverside County reported 15 more confirmed or probable monkeypox cases Friday, Aug. 19, raising the overall number to 124.Jose Arballo, a representative for the Riverside University Health System, provided the updated numbers with a monkeypox dashboard that shares the breakdown of cases in the county with city-by-city data and more.As of Friday, 66 probable or confirmed monkeypox cases were reported in Palm Springs, making up almost half of the county’s aggregate count of 124, according to the latest RUHS data.The first probable or confirmed case in a female was reported Tuesday, Aug. 16.The previous Friday, Arballo reported the total probable/confirmed cases stood at 78, up from 51 the previous week. Two cases originally reported in Riverside County have since been assi
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