Correct false assumptions about real estate agents

Realtors do a lot of things for free since they do not charge by the hour and only make money when deals close.Valley News/Metro photo
FALLBROOK – Driving nice cars, looking at homes all day and going to fancy lunch meetings – what a sweet life a real estate agent has, right? Hate to break it to you but these stereotypes are far from reality. Today, we debunk some common assumptions about real estate agents.They make huge commissions.Your agent isn’t pocketing that money all to themselves to spend on a new car or a holiday trip. To illustrate, say, that the home is listed for $500,000. The total commission is shared between the buyer’s brokerage and the seller’s brokerage – the divided funds are then split between the brokerage and the individual agent. From that, they pay their advertising fees, taxes, insurance, membership fees and advertising costs among other fees.The real estate agent commissi
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