Three reasons you’re vital to the body of Christ

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
When I was a teenager, I cut my thumb off when a garage door spring exploded in my hand. I cut it into seven different pieces. I wanted to do a thorough job.It was excruciating and bloody. As crazy as it sounds, my thumb is meant to be permanently attached to my hand. When it separates, my body doesn’t like it, and my thumb and hand don’t function the way they are designed to.My body, just like yours, is supposed to function as a unit, with everything attached and growing the way the good Lord intended. When each part is properly placed, my body operates at full capacity.God uses the analogy of the body to help you understand why you’re such a vital part of his plan. The Bible said, “God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made him head over all thi
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