What does (and doesn’t) come with a home

Built-in appliances like stovetops and dishwashers tend to come with the house in a sale. Valley News/Metro photos
Jane KepleySpecial to the Valley NewsWhen you tour a house for sale, it’s often staged, complete with appliances, window dressings, furniture and decor.These items can certainly make a place look appealing, but the reality is that most of them won’t come with the house if you decide to buy.So, what exactly do you get when you purchase a house from its previous owners? Do you know which items stay and which ones go? Here’s what you should know:Only “attached” fixtures tend to come with the house. This means ceiling fans, security systems, built-in appliances, window screens, storm doors, blinds and similar items should remain part of the home. Removable items such as curtains or furniture, for example aren’t attached and probably wouldn’t be included.Ou
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